"Cubic Nature is Omnific, Infinite, Ineffable and on Harmonic duty today."

—Dr Gene Ray, Greatest Thinker, Wisest Human, TimeCube.com

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Important Summary of World History

• From the beginnings of human civilisation to the current Cubeless predicament of modernity


Do you think you are familiar with world history? Are you aware of the beginnings of human civilisation that occurred several millennia ago, and do you comprehend the many developments and progressions, most of them Cubeless and evil, that advanced human existence to the present resource-consuming state in which we currently live?

In order to fully comprehend Time Cube's application to the future of humanity, it is necessary to understand humanity's past history. Thus, I have prepared the following summary of world history:

In the beginning, there was the Garden of Eden on land above sea level, and it was situated where the uppermost area of the Persian Gulf seawaters now exists. Four rivers watered the Garden of Eden, the Pison, Gihon, Tigris and Euphrates, and they converged into one large drainage-river that flowed into the then-smaller Persian Gulf seawaters. A flood came upon the Garden of Eden as the Persian Gulf seawaters expanded, and the humans were driven out, forced to establish agriculture and polytheistic religion in their new Sumerian civilisations in the Mesopotamia area which was in the valley of the Tigris/Euphrates rivers. Subsequently humans colonised Egypt, and built large pyramids and a sphinx to assist the Pharaohs with their religious worship. However, Jews were enslaved in the land of Egypt, and after undergoing an exodus out of Africa and into the Eurasian mainland, they began to monotheistically worship the god Yahweh as an imaginary substitute-slavemaster. (It is uncertain whether Moses ever existed.) A prophet named Zoroaster (Zarathustra) also altered the existing Persian Arab religion by creating a monotheistic variant thereon. Greek society was created, featuring great individuals such as Heraclitus, Empedocles, Epicurus, Socrates and Plato. However, all of the Greek citystates were later subsumed into the vast extensive Roman empire. Brutus murdered Caesar. A widespread mass-movement known as Christianity reformed the Jewish religion, enhancing the power of their slave-mentality to the point where they were able to subvert and vanquish the Roman empire, thus plunging most of human civilisation into the Dark Ages. Meanwhile, a new prophet called Mohammed reformed the Persian Arab religion. Then, there arose a Leonardo da Vinci renaissance enlightenment of art, science, and mathematics—but a 1-corner JudeoChristian singularity monotheism was still contained therein!—and it led to the British colonisation of America and Australia, the French revolution and the Industrial revolution. A new prophet called Nietzsche arrived in the Jewish-controlled European civilisation, and proclaimed the death of the monotheistic God-belief and the necessity to evolve into the Superman, but the Cubeless civilisation-machine failed to be reformed. Consequently, the entire Jewish-controlled JudeoChristian civilisation underwent a series of cataclysms, including the establishment of nihilistic communism in Russia and China, and the occurrence of World-War-1 and World-War-2 (Spanish civil war occurred nearly in concurrence with World-War-2), and the corruption wrought upon the post-war Western baby-boomers by evil degenerative Christian ideals of racial integration and miscegenation, and of misandrism and queer sexual perversion and denigration of the White Race. But against this Jewish singularity superpower, the Persian Arabs and other associated Arabs have become fierce in their religion, and thus we are now destroying Earth's resources and heading towards the Biblical armageddon, in the conflict between the Arabs and the Jews, that conflict being the final great war of the evil Abrahamic religious prophecies. We need to reverse this trend towards total apocalyptic destruction, and heed the proclamations of the two great contemporary prophets, Friedrich Nietzsche and Dr Gene Ray. We need to seek Time Cube, quickly neutralise the armageddon tendencies of religion, and evolve into the 4-corner Time Cube naturally-harmonious Cubic Superman!

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