"Cubic Nature is Omnific, Infinite, Ineffable and on Harmonic duty today."

—Dr Gene Ray, Greatest Thinker, Wisest Human, TimeCube.com

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Lance Kennedy's proposed clock and calendar

• Designs for a potential Cubic-compliant measurement of the day and year


Lance Kennedy, studying at a university in the USA state of Texas, has previously presented designs intended to serve as a Cubic clock and Cubic calendar. Although I cannot give these designs any kind of official seal of approval or necessarily recommend them for widespread use, they do serve as favourable indicators and auguries of the kinds of plans that Time Cube propagation may in future bring.

Herewith Lance Kennedy's clock and calendar:

Cubic Clock (by Lance Kennedy)

The Cubic day is divided into 16 1-hour periods. These hours correspond to one and a half hours of the Singularity clock. There are 240 Cubic minutes in one Cubic hour and 240 Cubic seconds in each Cubic minute. Each cubic second is equal to of the second in the Singularity clock, and each Cubic minute is equal to of the minute of the Singularity clock. There is no AM or PM but rather complete Cubic reckoning similar to that of Military time, meaning there is no division in the day into night time and day time halves.

Lance Kennedy's proposed clock

Cubic Calendar (by Lance Kennedy)

Cubic Days

1. Day of Cubic Truth

2. Day of Cubic Opinion

3. Day of Cubic Study

4. (only in leap years) Day of Time Cube





Quarter Days

1. Day of the Word Virus

2. Day of Cubeless Doom

3. Day of Cubic Salvation





Middle Days

1. Gene Ray Day

2. Eoin Grosch Day

3. Lance Kennedy Day

4. Day of Cubic Creation





Three-fourths Days

1. Day of Reward

2. Day of Cubic Entities

3. Day of Cubic Principles





The days of the week are as follows, and are taken from the French Revolutionary Calendar:

  • Primidi
  • Duodi
  • Tridi
  • Quartidi
  • Quintidi
  • Sextidi

As stated before, after the celebration of the High Days the first month within a quadrant begins with Primidi and goes through the six-day cycle. By the 22nd day of the fourth month, the final day will always be Quartdi and the next series of High Days would be ready to begin.

Lance Kennedy's proposed calendar

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