"Cubic Nature is Omnific, Infinite, Ineffable and on Harmonic duty today."

—Dr Gene Ray, Greatest Thinker, Wisest Human, TimeCube.com

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Why do we use evil Cubeless technology?

• This is a frequently asked question


Word is evil because it is too conducive to Cubelessness. Examine the massive Word-Civilisations that currently exist in the world. Not only do they enslave the people by imposing absolute (or at least highly inertial) moral laws, but the social order facilitates the propagation of 1-corner Cubeless beliefs. These beliefs include delusional religious beliefs of supernatural justification for evil; and Academic singularity concepts, which closed-mindedly refuse to acknowledge the superiority of 4-corner Cubic wisdom over self-aggrandising single-corner thought. (For more information, see articles The State, Academia, Religion.)

It's a similar situation with technology. Its influence in our lives is approaching the point where it controls us, not vice versa. The "Matrix" movies illustrate this concept well. If we can't understand the technology, we're going to be reliant on the techo-cadre of people who do. More to the point, if we find ourselves unable to survive without it, that means we've regressed from our independent natural state of living to the point where we are really living within a matrix. Without that techno-matrix, we're powerless.

But it's power that is the fundamental reason for the existence of all this technology and Word-worshipping. Greedy people use it to gain an advantage over those remaining in the natural state of living. But it's not really them who are gaining the power; it's primarily the technology that is doing so. If we continue down this path, machines will rule the world; and the minds of humans will be twisted into cold, emotionless war-calculators, concerned only with self-empowerment, and not the greater good of the human community.

As people existing within the WordVirus-WorldState-Machine, we are dependent on — or, more accurately, enslaved by — Word and technology; and self-aggrandising word-worshippers claim this dependence to be a good thing, and superior to living free of it. But that's not what we, as Cubics, claim; we're saying that the WordVirus needs to be mutated and evolved to better facilitate Cubic-compliant culture, and that technology needs to be reduced, with large states being dissolved into anarchy and a multitude of smaller villages, in which people will live the close-knit community life that Nature intended.

To that end, we propose that an effective strategy will be to fight fire with fire. We'll use the existing Word and Technology, but primarily to spread the word about the possibility of future revolutions to overthrow the evil 1-corner entities and restore Cubic harmony. When many people gain a strong belief in this potential instigation of a positive turn of the world's events, the pro-Cubic revolutions may commence. Strength in numbers will assure that the necessary momentum and impact are achieved.

It's not going to work, though, if insignificantly small groups of people change their lifestyle to one of Cubic harmony. The overall destructive course of the WordVirus will remain firm. Our movement must involve many people; people who are currently enslaved to Word. That's why seizing the existing evil and using our creative power to turn it to Good is really the only tenable option.

And that reshaping and redirection of the WordVirus will, in fact, be a form of evolution; evolution that will be continued long into the future once Cubic harmony is attained. We'll perpetuate and evolve for many hundreds of generations, with our stability safeguarded not merely by the evil Cubeless WordVirus' absence, but by our having immunised ourselves against it. See Cubeless Doom, Cubic Salvation.

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