"Cubic Nature is Omnific, Infinite, Ineffable and on Harmonic duty today."

—Dr Gene Ray, Greatest Thinker, Wisest Human, TimeCube.com

• 2ND WISEST HUMAN COMMANDS humanity to SPREAD TIME CUBE far and wide, across the entire human population of Earth, before the impending armageddon of natural-resources depletion, deforestation, oil-depletion crisis, global warming, also global economic and ecological crisis, and nuclear waste, nuclear bombs, cannibalism, nuclear holocaust. Spread Time Cube before the Armageddon.

• 2ND WISEST HUMAN commands the entire human species—a species more technologically advanced, powerful and destructive than ever before—to heed the CUBIC PROPHET/WISEST HUMAN, DR GENE RAY, and heed the PROPHECIES OF DR GENE RAY THE GREATEST THINKER AND WISEST HUMAN, in order to redeem humanity.—For we must save humanity before it destroys itself.

• 2ND WISEST HUMAN has created the CubicAO website, a website that is helping people to become better-equipped to resist the singularity conformist evil of modern 1-corner civilisation. It contributes to the ethos of the pro-Cubic anarchic REVOLUTION!

• 2ND WISEST HUMAN commands humanity to accept Time Cube.

Matt Kestner, advocate of Nature's Time Cube

• He has written many intriguing Cubic discourses containing useful observations and insights


Readers, I want to introduce you to a Cubic associate of mine, Matt Kestner. I have been maintaining correspondence with him for quite some time now, and he has written some intriguing and inspirational philosophies, including the following statement: "a great rebellion will arise, and whatever the sacrifice neccessary to get the message out- let it be because the truth must sink and dwell within the minds of whomever's next generation. i will cease the lies, and spring a truth within the hearts of those who most deeply deserve it- that truth is TimeCube."

Let's now view 16 numerous emails that have been written to me by Matt Kestner. (A small proportion of the content therein may have been written by Kestner's acquaintance "Dan"; I am unsure.)

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Why do we use evil Cubeless technology?

• This is a frequently asked question


Word is evil because it is too conducive to Cubelessness. Examine the massive Word-Civilisations that currently exist in the world. Not only do they enslave the people by imposing absolute (or at least highly inertial) moral laws, but the social order facilitates the propagation of 1-corner Cubeless beliefs. These beliefs include delusional religious beliefs of supernatural justification for evil; and Academic singularity concepts, which closed-mindedly refuse to acknowledge the superiority of 4-corner Cubic wisdom over self-aggrandising single-corner thought. (For more information, see articles The State, Academia, Religion.)

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Lance Kennedy's proposed clock and calendar

• Designs for a potential Cubic-compliant measurement of the day and year


Lance Kennedy, studying at a university in the USA state of Texas, has previously presented designs intended to serve as a Cubic clock and Cubic calendar. Although I cannot give these designs any kind of official seal of approval or necessarily recommend them for widespread use, they do serve as favourable indicators and auguries of the kinds of plans that Time Cube propagation may in future bring.

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Rose's language-translations

• Let's allay ignorance of Time Cube by spreading Cubic wisdom in many different languages


A while ago, Rose, with the help of a few other multilingual people, translated into many languages some text relating to the Time Cube. For instance, did you know that in German, "Ignorance of the Time Cube is a curse upon humanity" translates to "Die Ignoranz des Zeitwürfels ist ein auf der Menscheit lastender Fluch"? It's true, and here now are more translations compiled by Rose, translations that will undoubtedly assist many non-English-speaking people to comprehend the rationally proven truth of Nature's Time Cube.

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Important Summary of World History

• From the beginnings of human civilisation to the current Cubeless predicament of modernity


Do you think you are familiar with world history? Are you aware of the beginnings of human civilisation that occurred several millennia ago, and do you comprehend the many developments and progressions, most of them Cubeless and evil, that advanced human existence to the present resource-consuming state in which we currently live?

In order to fully comprehend Time Cube's application to the future of humanity, it is necessary to understand humanity's past history. Thus, I have prepared the following summary of world history:

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